The roulette is flawed.

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This guide on how to win at roulette can't be applied in a classic casino, but only the internet one. The game in classic casino takes a lot of time, you can't use the fast spins and the crupier will only let you be winning for just a while. Then you will be chased out by the security. So remember - only online casino, where you can play in your pajamas, for free and also try different systems and strategies without being limited by someone. We tested several casinos, our tests rendered this one as the best: Unibet a Bwin.
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We will prove it to you, that if you follow our guide precisely, you will have €400 every day! Try it yourself.

Peter's story: I made nough to buy a car

My name is Peter and I'm a student. When browsing the net I came across a page with "marvellous" method. I am very doubtful and I asked myself lots of questions back then, mainly why doesn't everyone do this and make the casino go bankrupt. I found the answer after few months - casinos have such a high profits, that the small portion, which is lost doesn't really matter. If casinos fought this, it would enter the media and they would lose even more. Then I only needed to ask a lawyer, whether this method is legal, and when I was told it's ok, I started testing - with the virtual money of course. I was captured by the roulette. It all went just as planned, so I tried it with real money. Now I make €1200 pre Month, so I took leasing on a new car and I am happy. Thank you and good luck to all beginners. P.

Live ruleta

Live roulette - play with a real crupier girl

Live roulette - revolution in the online casino. You sit in front of webcam and have a real crupier girl, which spins the roulette. All is transparent and can't be faked. You can also communicate with the dealer by chat and she will respond you by her voice.
Live roulette Unibet


Why it works

  1. It's maths - a simple formula. You don't have to rely on chance or luck here
  2. Casinos can't do anything against it, because it's not a chear and they can't interfere.
  3. Casinos are controlled by many independent institutions so there's no way they could manipulate with the roulette.
  4. System also works because 95% of the players loses money without any systems, so it can easily pay those, who use these systems.

Example of one way to defeat roulette

It's important that you follow the instructions precisely and play calmly. It's advised not to play under the effects of alcohol. You can celebrate your victory with a glass, but never drink while playing, because one then loses any restrictions and can start betting too high amounts.
The principle of the system, which we recommend to start with, is that you will always get back the amount equal to the initial bet. Don't you believe? In this fuide we will show a picture guide and video-examples right from the casino, so you can see the system work.

Let's look on how to bet
Step 1. Bet €1 on red. If it returns, you will win twice as much, that means €2 (€1 in the black) But we lose so we have lost €1 and now are €1 in the red.
Step 2. Bet on the same color two times the previous bet, that means €2. We again got the opposite color (black), so we lost €2 more (plus €1 from the last round) and thus are losing €3.
Step 3. Let's bet on the red again, two times the last bet again - €4. This time we got our color (red) and we win twice the bet - that makes it €8.
Result: We lost €3 in te beginning and bet €4 in this last round making it a total of €7. The prize in the last round is €8 meaining we are €1 in the black (as we said thereinbefore, you will always win the initial bet).
If I started betting with €5 and followed the guide, I would win €5. It's faster but also much more risky.

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Story of Lucas: How I bet and what I earn.

Cheers, it's very simple. I always bet from €0.1. I don't cross that line in the beginning because when there is the same color in series, it could happen that I wouldn't have any more money to bet. When I have more than €500 on account I discovered one cool feature. I wait when the same color rolls up three times. Then I start betting like with €0.5. The prize is then 5 times higher. But I only recommend that when you have over €500 and got consecutive vombo of the same color. Thank you for publishing this.

proof of profit

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